Welcome to my web site about programming with IDL - Interactive Data Language.


My name is Ken Bowman, and I am a professor in the Atmospheric Sciences Department at Texas A&M University.  I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in atmospheric science, including a course in IDL programming, and do research in climate dynamics, atmospheric dynamics, and satellite meteorology.

I use IDL extensively in my research and teaching and have written an introductory textbook to teach basic scientific programming using IDL.

IDL, from Harris Geospatial Solutions, is an interactive programming language with powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities. IDL is used in many scientific and engineering fields, including physics, astronomy, satellite imaging and remote sensing, atmospheric science and oceanography, chemical engineering, and medical imaging.

This web site provides information about my book, including downloadable files containing the example programs from the book, solutions to selected exercises, and some useful programs that I have developed for my own research.

Students can purchase the student version of IDL at a discounted price from Harris Geospatial Solutions.

If you use this book as a text for a course, please drop me a line and let me know.  I am collecting ideas and suggestions for a possible second edition.