IDL Resources

Harris Geospatial Solutions

Harris Geospatial Solutions is the developer of IDL. You can get information about IDL and other Harris Geospatial Solutions products and download a trial version of the IDL software.


The Usenet news group comp.lang.idl-pvwave is a high-quality, low volume newsgroup to which many IDL experts contribute regularly.  You can view the newsgroup here or with your favorite newsreader.  Don't confuse this group with comp.lang.idl, which is devoted to an unrelated software system (Interface Definition Language) that is also known as IDL.

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory S1R IDL LIbrary

One of the oldest, largest, and most useful libraries of IDL software available.

Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming

David Fanning's web site has a great collection of IDL programming tips, sample programs, and links to other IDL resources. David is a long time IDL developer and training consultant. You can buy his book, IDL Programming Techniques, and other IDL-related books.

Ronn Kling Consulting

Ronn Kling is an expert on IDL graphics and author of several IDL books.

Practical IDL Programming by Liam Gumley

Liam Gumley has written an excellent IDL book for more experienced programmers.

Michael Galloy’s IDL Resources

Michael Galloy is a former RSI training instructor and consultant.

IDL astronomy-related web sites

METVIS Services

An Australian consulting company that uses IDL.  Their web site has several extensive lists of IDL-related links.